Self-Determination Movement, alone against Thaci

               Publikuar në : 13:35 - 24/09/18 ad min

It seems that the Self-Determination Movement will be alone in the September 29th protest against President Thaci’s idea to discuss border changes with Serbia. The Democratic League of Kosovo were expected to join, but they announced this Saturday that they were not supporting the protest.

“It we will be needing to show our will through protests, we will do it with our own organization, and we will invite the citizens to join us”. President Thaci reacted about the protest and said that no one should ever protest the unification of the Presheva Valley to Kosovo, especially by parties that talk about the rights of Albanians every time.

The Speaker of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli, is on the same line. “The protest against an individual should not be sold as if it is being done on behalf of Kosovo”, Veseli said./Top Channel

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