Germans “occupy” Albania, INSTAT: German tourists increase by 82.5 %

               Publikuar në : 21:04 - 24/09/18 lm

The number of German tourists who visited Albania during August has increased by about 82.5% or 21,346 people.

Even looking at the full eight-month period of the year, Germany now represents the country with the highest growth rate of nationals choosing to visit Albania, at 36.9%.

Regarding Kosovar vacationers, in August, there was an also increase, with approximately 191,500 more visitors than compared to August 2017.

Meanwhile, significant reductions of foreign nationals who visited Albania during August, also known as the peak of the tourist season, are Montenegro, England and Switzerland.

In total, the number of foreign and Albanian citizens who came to Albania in August is about 2.1 million.

Meanwhile, the number of Albanian citizens leaving the territory of Albania during August was 688,559, representing an increase in 1.3% when compared with August 2017.

Travellers entering our country are increasingly choosing road and air options as their preferred means of transport./Oranews/

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