US Ambassador at the UN: “Our support for Kosovo, unchanged”

               Publikuar në : 16:32 - 24/09/18 ad min

“The position of the USA for Kosovo has not changed. It remains a friend of the USA”, said the US ambassador to the UN, Nikky Haley, when asked by journalists on the stance of the USA, since the White House adviser, John Bolton, had said that if Serbia and Kosovo would find an agreement, the USA wouldn’t exclude territorial changes.

Hayley’s answer was enough to clarify America’s stance regarding Kosovo’s issue.

“What you are hearing now is what we have always said”, the diplomat said. “We have always valued Kosovo as a friendly country and that’s what it will be in the future as well. There could be individual voices in the administration, but the final say will be unanimous”, she added.

Since Bolton’s declarations, American officials have declared that the USA will leave more room to both countries to find a creative solution that will be stable, implementable and that will help progress with the security./Top Channel

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