Bujar Sheshi at KLP, Sheshi reacts: They aim to strike justice reform!

               Publikuar në : 17:23 - 29/01/19 lm

The member of the High Council of Prosecution, Bujar Sheshi, who the Democratic Party insisted was a former state security co-worker, has categorically denied all charges.

According to him, everything is meant to be an attack on Justice Reform. The Independent Qualification Commission will hold a special meeting to decide upon the procedures, while the Tirana Prosecution has launched their own investigations.

Bujar Sheshi has stated that the charges are aimed to hit Justice Reform.

“In my opinion, this ordeal is not just intended to be a strike against me as a form of revenge because of the issues that I have represented as a prosecutor or the opinions I have expressed as a member of High Council of Prosecution regarding the criteria that candidates must meet for a general prosecutor, but I think it is aimed at striking and increasing the pressure on the whole institution of the High Council of Prosecution.

This has occurred in the final moments of establishing SPAK and the election of the General Prosecutor.

The report on the Filing Authority and the declaration by Prosecutor Sheshi will be an object of investigation by the Tirana Prosecution.

In a media address, the central body of the indictment has uncovered all communication he has had with authorities to review the files in this case, but also those of other candidates.

At today’s meeting, the High Council of Prosecution has decided upon the dismissal of prosecutor, Tom Deda, as well as urging the Magistrate school to accept the candidates for the 25 other prosecutors./Oranews/

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