Accusations against Xhafaj, Noka: Prosecution to investigate

               Publikuar në : 19:04 - 25/09/18 lm

The Democratic Party referred to a statement by Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj during an interview, to accuse him of being involved in a state conspiracy with the mafia to close the scandal of his brother, Agron Xhafaj, a convicted trafficker in Italy.

Democratic Party MP Flamur Noka said that Minister Xhafaj, claimed that there are evidence and facts about his brother’s audio-tapping and the failure to deliver them to the prosecutor’s office, results in the penal offense of obstruction of justice.

“Fatmir Xhafaj and Edi Rama are directly involved in a state plot to shut down the mafia scandal of drug trafficking by the Interior Minister’s brother.

“Just like Edi Rama and Fatmir Xhafaj’s statement that Agron Xhafaj’s tapping is fabricated and for this he has evidence,” said Flamur Noka.

Flamur Noka said that, in a normal state where the public interest is protected and not the interest of the power related to crime, the prosecution would have investigated Prime Minister Edi Rama and Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj for concealment of evidence and obstruction of justice./Ora News/

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